About Kart's Landscape Services

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Kart's Landscape Services was established in 1988 to provide landscape maintenance and installation to the residential market. Since then Kart's has transitioned to exclusively service the commercial market where it has built on the unique experiences learned in the homeowner market and flourished.

For two decades Kart's Landscape Services has grown steadily because of high customer retention and outstanding customer satisfaction. Our current customers stay with us because we provide dependable landscape maintenance and offer uncompromising customer service. Furthermore, we have developed exceptional seasonal flower and turf chemical programs that have our customers bragging about us.

Kart's has also been featured in two prominent landscape industry publications.

Why Should You Use Kart's?

  • Dependability.  Keeping your landscape service on schedule is one our top priorities. We perform the work you expect when you expect it to be done.
  • Customer Service.  Clients call our customer hotline and we take action. All of our representatives have been trained to help you. More importantly, they know what it is like to "feel the pain" of a landscaping problem and want to do all that is possible to correct the situation.
  • Exceptional Seasonal Flower Program.  Our pictures tell the whole story. We are proud of our seasonal flower program, which utilizes very hardy plants that produce vibrant color.
  • Five-Step Turf Chemical Program.  Weeds will be gone and your lush green grass will reign supreme.
  • Each Truck is Fully Equipped.  We can take care of your every need from the small tree or limb that has to be removed to the tall shrub that needs to be trimmed or shaped.
  • Safety Comes First.  We train all our workers in safety and require them to use the best personal safety equipment, always being watchful to protect both your property and ours.
  • Memberships

    cai-georgia chapter - community associations institute of georgia