Landscape Installation Services

aerial shot of atlanta where we are landscaping

Time and Tools

Our landscape installation crews can install the average landscape in one to three days, preventing projects from dragging out because of weather delays. With our knowledgeable and experienced installation team at work, you can rest assured of a job performed properly and with care.

We have the right tools for any landscape installation job: trucks and trailers to haul the materials, power edgers, bobcat, tiller, augers, hand tools, and much more.

Soil Preparation

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Prior to landscape installation, we ensure that the soil is properly prepared. This means everything to your new plants and how well they establish themselves in their new location. When needed, we apply the necessary soil additives in the planting beds, and our bobcat-mounted rototiller can break up the soil and mix in the additives to the proper depth -- even in the toughest of soil conditions. We can easily add additional topsoil, if needed, and we will also grade the planting beds for the proper drainage to prevent pooling.

Weed Control, Planting Techniques

Weed control is important, even in the sauna-like heat of summer. We typically treat the planting areas prior to installation to rid it of unwanted vegetation, and we'll also use the best tricks of the trade to forestall future weed growth. We are licensed Commercial Pesticide Applicators; therefore, we can use products not available to the typical property owner.

We have the experience to know how the plants should be spaced, the proper planting height, which plants need their roots scored, which plants must not have their roots disturbed, which plants are best pruned at planting time, which trees need staking and trunk wrap applied, and so on. We like to keep waste to a minimum, so we will use only the amount of materials needed to perform the job properly.

Ongoing Landscape Maintenance Services

We typically provide ongoing trimming, pruning, weed control, mulching, and other landscape maintenance services to the landscapes we install. [ more on landscape maintenance services ]